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Craic – Amongst The Mischief and Malarkey


In 2009 the Celtic punk rock band Craic, was formed in Cleveland Ohio. Craic’s latest album entitled “Amongst The Mischief and Malarkey” was released in March 2014 and stays true to the Celtic Punk bands core sound. The 8 member group blends blue grass tunes, crystal clear guitar riffs, and …

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McCraes Battalion – Armistice Day

McCraes Battlion

The McCraes Battalion band, from San Francisco, is still in its youth, formed just two years ago, but they’re wasting no time with the release of their debut album. The four members of the group come from various backgrounds and each brings a special talent and influence. Together the music …

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Stiff Little Fingers – No Going Back

stiff little fingers no going back

Well, it’s the fourth year of a new decade, and you know what that means. It’s time for new studio material from Irish punk legends Stiff Little Fingers! For a band that’s been around since 1977 (not including a short break in the mid-80’s), they’re sounding impressively energetic and spry …

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The Ramshackle Army – Letters From The Road Less Travelled

The Ramshackle Army

‘Intro’ opens the album with distorted, loud speaker-esque bagpipes that immediately lead into ‘Anchors Aweigh’, a track which is recorded well; the band gets their guitar and drum tones down pat, making for a rawer yet professional, supportive sound. A fiddle enters, playing the lead melody, and an awesome chord …

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The Wakes – The Red and The Green

The Red and The Green

The Wakes are back at it with their 4th studio, The Red and The Green, and they’ve once again delivered a strong brand of socially charged folk-rock. This album builds on the familiar and traditional themes that they (and the entire genre) is known for – there are songs about …

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FM 359 – Truth, Love And Liberty

fm 359 Truth Love And Liberty

Folk inflected side projects seem to be popping up with greater frequency these days in the punk community. Members of bands as far reaching and influential as Bad Religion, Swingin’ Utters, Hot Water Music, Briggs, U.S. Bombs, Rancid, Social Distortion and more have all split off at one point or …

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Tortilla Flat – The Great Escape

Tortilla Flat - The Great Escape

The title track,The Great Escape, opens with a palm-muted guitar and bagpipes. The drums are very consistent yet are very electronic-sounding. The story line was easy to follow and the background vocals added lots of depth. The lead vocals were more spoken than sung, but the song’s story line overshadowed …

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