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1916 Stand Up And Fight

1916 Stand Up And Fight

Stand Up and Fight opens with No Surrender, which showcases 1916’s very unique sound from the outset. The vocals are very strong and are enhanced and strengthened in the choruses by the addition of group vocals. There is a lot of sound, and so much going on during this track, …

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Bodh’aktan – Against Winds and Tides

Winds And Tides

Bodh’aktan have released their first English album, Against Winds and Tides. It’s essentially the same album as the 2011 release Au Diable Les Remords, but with a couple of new tracks and covers that’s sure to please the bands English speaking fans. “The Ballad of Jonathan Lewis” opens with a …

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Brutus Daughters – Beating Beyond Folk Ashes

Beating Beyond Folk Ashes

Fans of Celtic punk are in for a treat when they stumble across Brutus Daughters. A folk punk band from Spain, Madrid to be precise. Spain has a thriving Celtic punk scene, and has produced many great bands throughout that region, and Brutus Daughters are one of them. I would …

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Jasper Coal – Drowning the Shamrock

Drowning The Shamrock

Jasper Coal’s album “Drowning the Shamrock” opens with ‘Step it out Marry‘, the band’s take on the traditional Irish song written by Sean McCarthy. This expansive recording features lots of instrumentation and great vocal performances. Fantastic harmonies, both vocally and instrumentally, and added atop flowing strings and supportive drums. The …

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Irish Moutarde – Raise ‘Em All

raise em all

Raise Em’ All opens up with ‘The Cabin.’ This track showcases great production and mixing capabilities from the very get-go. An intriguing intro makes way for a very unique display of dueling instruments. At many times during the song, there is a whole lot going on; at no point does …

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Muirsheen Durkin and Friends – Last Order

Muirsheen Durkin

Muirsheen Durkin and Friends’ Last Order is, above all things, a party album through and through. With Ten lively renditions of traditional Celtic favorites, the band make it easy to love this. ‘Marie’s Wedding’ is an old Scottish folk song originally written by a popular (in his time) Gaelic singer …

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Lexington Field- No Man’s War

Lexington Field- No Man's War

Despite their sound changing very little over the last three years (since the release of 2010’s ‘The Streets of Dover’ EP), Lexington Field’s sound has actually been climbing a ladder with each subsequent release -,and each subsequent ladder has rung examples of the band’s growth. Cami Smith’s fiddling skills have …

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The Fatty Farmers – Refarmatory

The Fatty Farmers Review

When reviewing an album, it can often become too easy to simply compare what you’re reviewing and the content of it to works previously published by other artists. This is especially true in the Celtic punk field. For as many talented and intelligent songwriters as there are in the genre …

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Sir Reg – 21st Century Loser

Sir Reg 21St Century Loser

21st Century Loser is the album I wish Flogging Molly had released after Float. If they had it would’ve not only been seen as a return to the raw power and excitement of their first few albums, but would’ve represented some of the best songs in their catalogue to date. …

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