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The Lagan – Where’s Your Messiah Now

The Lagan Review

London’s The Lagan are a deceptively versatile Celtic rock/punk band. The first song on their debut album starts off not unlike a large handful of other Celtic rock records have. With the singing of a fiddle threading into rolling toms, supported by the steady rhythm of the guitars, all giving …

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The Tossers – The Emerald City

The Emerald City Review

The Tossers have always been in the big three of modern Celtic punk bands, along with Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys, in terms of song quality and breadth of recognition. The first time I saw The Tossers live, they were opening for the Dropkick’s and I’ll be damned if …

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1916 – A Drop of the Pure


You don’t have to dig deep in Celtic music to find songs about drinking. Whether it’s current Celtic punk stars Dropkick Murphys, or a more pronounced example like The Pogues, something about Celtic melodies and a frothy black pint just seem to fit. Rochester, New York’s 1916 do nothing to …

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The Pubcrawlers – Rogues, Outlaws, and Drunks


The Pubcrawlers from Portland, Maine, have been creating raucous, pump your pint in the air Celtic drinking music since the release of their exemplary 2005 debut Another Night On the Floor. The 2008 release One Too Many Again saw the band cranking up the street punk in their sound while still …

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Celkilt – Self Titled EP


Celkilt is a French band that has been playing Irish rock since October of 2010. The group consist of five members. Erin MacFive, Drik MacWater, Titou MacFire, Loic MacWind, and Rem’s MacGround. In case you’re curious about the band members surnames, it’s explained in the groups biography. According to legend, …

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The Kilmaine Saints – Drunken Redemption


The northeastern part of the United States, is like a breeding ground for incredibly talented Celtic punk and rock musicians. The Kilmaine Saints happens to be one of those bands that falls into that category. Coming from Central Pennsylvania, The Kilmaine Saints released their second album Drunken Redemption, earlier this …

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The Mahones – Angels and Devils


Sometime back in April of this year, The Mahones announced that they had plans to release a new album in the fall. This came as a little bit of a surprise to me, because it had only been a year since they put out their award-winning Black Irish Album. Shortly …

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Bodh’aktan – Au Diable les Remords


Au Diable les Remords is the debut album of Bodh’aktan. A francophone band based in Québec. The group consist of six musicians, each of whom brings a bit of a rough vocal styling, and several band members that play various instruments. The bodhran, tin whistle, banjo, fiddle, accordion, basically any …

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