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The Langer’s Ball – Ships Are Sailing


Ship’s Are Sailing is the second album from The Langers Ball fallowing 2008′s “As I Roved Out.” This time we are treated with a great diversity of instruments, such as the snare drum in The McGrath set. And it does not stop there, you get everything and the Kitchen sink …

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The Mighty Regis – Band Review


You probably didn’t think Molly Malone’s out in California was capable of housing any more musical genius after Flogging Molly. Think again. They’re called The Mighty Regis, a seven-piece complement of accordion, two guitars, mandolin, bass, drums, and tin whistle versed in deep folk-punk roots. Their lyrics are fast and …

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Neck – Heres Mud In Yer Eye!


Neck is one of the best and most underappreciated Irish punk bands on the scene today. I listen to their music religiously (religiously in the normal sense of the word, not how I actually practiced religion, bargaining with my mother to do chores if she would let me skip Mass). …

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Flogging Molly – Float


I remember the first time I heard Flogging Molly. I was a wee lad, ripe out of high school and indulging in beers not only for the flavor and drunkenness, but because there was an excitement around doing illegal things. I was in a warm room with a fire and …

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Street Dogs – Savin Hill


Former Dropkick Murphy’s member Mike McColgan is back! He is back with his new band Street Dogs and there debut album Savin Hill. Former Dropkick Murphy’s drummer Jeff Erna, and Rob Guidotti on guitar joins in with McColgan. The bass position is filled with ex-hellcats Johnny Rioux. This album is …

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Darkbuster – 22 Songs


If you believed everything anyone told you, you probably shouldn’t be reading this, for that matter you shouldn’t be using a computer. First of all, this album isn’t really 22 songs, but 17 songs and 5 very short clips to make it a little more interesting (not that it needs …

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Dropkick Murphys – Blackout


They have done it yet again. You know what I’m talking about. Dropkick Murphys have made an album where I don’t have to skip a track. This is by far my favorite album of the year. This is Boston Punk Rock at its best. I bought a total of four, …

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